What is Tuiqo

Tuiqo reinvents the document structure for more intuitive writing, editing, and collaboration. It allows you to work on many versions of your text at the same time, from within one document. Tuiqo saves time wasted on tracking changes, creating multiple versions of the same document and reviews.

Why we decided to build it

We simply encountered the problem of having multiple versions of the same document, and having full folders of those. It definitely rings the bell when you imagine a folder with: version_2.doc, version_3.doc, version_10, final.doc, final_final.doc, really_final.doc. Obviously, people who suffer the most from this problem are writers. But as we were very frustrated with it, especially when collaborating in a team and we were writing research papers, we realized that a lot of different professionals must have the same pain. It turned out that we were right. Lawyers, journalists, researchers, marketers, copywriters and even recruiters confirmed frustration with this problem.

We started conducting interviews with potential users, so we could learn more about their process and try to generalize product to a broader audience. We decided to focus solely on understanding the writing process, as iterations are the core of any final text. Next, we started using every channel to get in touch with people: cold emails, Reddit private messages, Twitter, personal contacts, forums, basically any channel you could think of. Here are few interesting user interviews:

My biggest problem is when someone uses Word and Track Changes and then there is no versions. Then I don’t know when the changes were made, and which version I am looking at. We constantly save new versions. We constantly version. Revision/versioning problem is for everything when it comes to legal documents. - Partner at NYC based law firm

I think where you really want to position yourself is for in-house lawyers at the companies. I worked in-house for a short time, I was in-house counsel, and so the company didn’t have anything like document versioning system. I just had a computer that had MS Word on it. And every time I had to make a revision, I had to save it as a new document, which I had to call Doc_V2. I had to save for like a hundred times. Lawyer at Boston based Law firm

First of all - "painless revision process" is mouth-watering. "Both on a micro and a macro level" is, simply put, any writer's (or at least this writer's) wet dream. Writer from France

Creating the product

Soon after doing a lot of user interviews we started creating first mockups of Tuiqo. We decided to focus on three problems we identified: sentence level iterations, paragraph versions and document versions. These three levels of each document represent units that are constantly refined and iterated over. Our goal was to provide an intuitive interface that enables working on each of those units as a part of a single document. Because, indeed, all of those versions should be within a single document, not scattered around. We went online with only sentence level versioning implemented. Getting users and initial feedback shaped our current product.

Fast forward, Tuiqo today

Today, Tuiqo enables people to have all of their versions within a single document. From that perspective and the fact that our user base is constantly growing, we can say that we successfully turned a problem into a functional, beautiful product, going through all stages of new product creation on the way. We used ReactJS, Redux and Python to implement this product. Today, we are working on few exciting features such as collaboration and live chat. We continue to deliver the product people love. You can try it out yourself here.

Here is a very short demo video, demonstrating what you can do with Tuiqo: