Applying blockchain to clinical trials

On the first weekend of December, Deutsche Telekom AG hosted a Blockchain hackathon at the futuristic Telekom Design Gallery. Around 40 engineers and blockchain enthusiasts came together to participate and tackle challenges presented and supported by Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Merck Group, IOTA, Siemens, Cognizant, T-Systems, Detecon and KI Decentralized. The event brought together emerging start-ups and corporates to innovate and build blockchain prototypes and get a glimpse of what problems could be solved with this new technology.

Three members of our team represented GoSmarten at this exciting event. Our team decided to tackle the challenge faced by pharma companies when dealing with clinical trials. This challenge was presented by Merck Group, one of the world's biggest pharma companies.

Given the complex relations between different actors in a clinical trial and private nature of the patient's data, we decided to build on Hyperledger Fabric. It's channels and memberships features allow for a strong governance structure to keep sensitive data private, while also offering shared ledger for all parties. With our solution, we are able to offer secure and tempered-proof doctor/patient communication, while providing regulatory agencies with the level of overview they need in order to ensure the safety and respect of study protocols.

After 72 very intense hours, we presented our prototype built on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain as well as web app that enables smooth end user communication with the blockchain infrastructure. With our solution we won the second prize!

We are very proud to be selected among three winners, as we were surrounded with very talented and motivated people that solved complex problems using blockchain technologies. We are excited to continue our work in blockchain space, more to follow up!