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We support data strategy implementation, from becoming data-driven, to applying machine learning for internal process optimization or product development. Behind any successful data strategy implementation, months of hard work for data preparation lie ahead. This usually translates to the creation of a data team spanning skills from DevOps, to distributed computing knowledge for ETLs and stream processing, API development, dashboards setup, and machine learning model development.

We can support your organization at any stage of this roadmap: from immediate plugging Data specialists (Data Science/engineering/devOps) working alongside your existing team, to immediate full-blown data team outsourced.

What we can do


Data Engineering

We can help your end-to-end: from infrastructure setup and pipeline for ETLs batch/real-time streaming building, to presenting data to your internal and external customers. Here are some of the key components in our tech stack: Spark, Flink, Akka, Lambda, Kafka, Kinesis, Hive, Presto, Athena, Redshift, DynamoDB, Terraform.

Data Science

Our team is staffed with professionals highly trained in Machine Learning. From finding patterns in your valuable business data to designing algorithms for data-driven products, we are able to deliver with precision and efficiency while completely minding the private nature of your data.

Application Development

Whether you are looking to build scalable web services or seeking to optimize your software, we provide full stack development by utilizing the most effective tools for web application development such as ReactJS/Redux, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes.


We build blockchain infrastructure and leverage technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum for all kind of enterprise grade products.

Projects and Updates

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Our work

These are the companies we worked for either as individuals or as a team


Georg Niemeyer
Head of Data Management and Technology at Otto Group

I worked with Diogo from GoSmarten during his engagement at Otto Group BI for 9 months. He was helping us enhance our Data Platform by supporting the development of our open source Hadoop scheduler 'Schedoscope' as well as Hive ETL jobs running on top of it. He furthermore helped to evaluate new potential Cloud -based data ingestion and processing solutions. I would definitely recommend Diogo for your next Big Data project since besides his huge expertise he is also a great team player.

Philipp Johannis
Head of Business Intelligence at Bonial

I worked with Diogo from GoSmarten at Bonial over a time frame of 2 years on several projects. During this time he supported us bringing our data architecture to the next level. Diogo always showed great understanding for the business requirements and came up with great technical solutions for our challenges. He always offered support for the whole team and adapted fast on changing requirements.

Our team

Diogo Aurelio

Data Architect

Dzenan Softic

Machine Learning Engineer

Joao Ferrao

Data Engineer

Tanguy Racinet

Machine Learning Engineer

Fuad Becirbasic

Fullstack Engineer

Pedro Moreira

Cloud Architect/Technical Delivery Manager

Joao Furtado

DevOps Engineer

Emir Turajlic, PhD

Data Scientist

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